When you travel, you go through many unpleasant situations:

  • long waits that can even take hours, on airports, train stations
  • you do not always have good meals
  • you may even suffer thirst and hunger, sometimes
  • you may feel cold or severe heat
  • you may have to walk under the rain
  • you walk for many hours with very long days that you would never tolerate when working
  • you may get large blisters on your feet and still continue walking
  • you are far away from home and your beloved ( in the distance  )
  • you sleep in places where you normally wouldn’t
  • you pay more than usual for some services, some of them that you don’t even would buy otherwise

but other than these little, tiny, insignificant disavantages travelling is a wonderful experience to live whatever it brings you. Wouldn’t it be great if our daily life gave us that much as travelling does so that we put on it the same passion, effort and resilience that we put when travelling? I definitely will try to make the most of my daily life so I have the same feelings that I have had during the last month.